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How to hide fields in CakePHP 2.0 scaffolding views

This is a simple code to hide fields in scaffolding views. In the controller add the method beforeRender in this way:

    public function beforeRender() {
        $action = $this->request->params['action'];
        if ($action == 'index') {
            $fields =  array('id', 'username', 'role', 'created', 'email'); //'password','modified'
            $this->set('scaffoldFields', $fields);
        } else if ($action == 'view') {
            $fields =  array('id', 'username', 'role', 'created', 'modified', 'email'); //'password'
            $this->set('scaffoldFields', $fields);
        return parent::beforeRender();

in this example the fields were changed in the index and view actions, but in the other actions the fields are displayed all.