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Kingston datatraveler mini 32gb DTM30 Windows Icons

I created some .ico files for Kingston datatraveler mini 32gb DTM30 Flash Drive:

Kingston datatraveler mini 32gb DTM30 Icon
Information and Communications Technology

SmartDVB channels export to M3U for VLC

I developed a small utility to export the channels from SmartDVB to VLC.
The utility can be downloaded from:
The source code is here (contains the eclipse project):
The application is very very minimal. It requires java.

  1. First of all locate the smartdvb.db file. It’s located in the SmartDVB installation directory or in the user SmartDVB AppData folder. (This file contains the channels found by SmartDVB).
  2. Close SmartDVB Application.
  3. Make a backup copy of this file, if something goes wrong.
  4. Extract the SmartDVBExportM3U zip file and open the SmartDVBExportM3U.exe
  5. Choose the path of the smartdvb.db file using the first button
  6. Export with the second button.
Information and Communications Technology

MCFTec Receiver DVB-T USB Stick Drivers

mcftec_1 mcftec_2I found the drivers for this usb stick. The device has the same hardware of the WideView WT-200U or WT220U distribuited by various vendors (Freecom, Yakumo, Hama, Typhoon, Yuan)
Using the drivers from Freecom the MCFTec USB Stick works. I tested it on Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. [<<<<<<< this worked for me on Windows Vista 32bit and on Windows 7 64bit]
Other drivers from Freecom:
[2019-10-08 UPDATE: files are not available anymore at these links, use this below on dropbox]
I uploaded on dropbox an archive with all those drivers, the driver for the MCFTec on the photo is 25451-rev3-XP32-Vista3264:
After installing the drivers you can use any software to watch the tv. I tested the MCFTec with SichboPVR and MediaPortal v1.
You can also search the channels with SmartDVB and you can view the channels with VLC using this .m3u playlist for example [i found program=3401 from SmartDVB (Channel properties, PID as <DEC>)]:

Remote Control

The remote control act as a keyboard. This is the key map:

  • Power: F12
  • MUTE: F8
  • VOL+: F10
  • VOL-: F9
  • CH+: plus sign
  • CH-: minus sign
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0: the same
  • ZOOM: Enter
  • JUMP: ΒΆ

Remote control on MediaPortal

On MediaPortal you can change default keyboard shortcuts to map the keys on the remote control:

  1. MediaPortal Configuration > Remotes and Input Devices > HID: uncheck all checkboxes
  2. MediaPortal Configuration > General > Keys and Sounds
    1. Global Actions: Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute
    2. Windows > Fullscreen TVs: Next tv channel, Previous tv channel

Remote control on SichboPVR

On SichboPVR you cannot change the keyboard shortcuts, the default shortcuts are (visible using F1):

  • + increase volume
  • -: decrease volume
  • Numbers: insert channel number
  • Enter: change channel after inserting channel number

So you can use CH+ to increase the volume, CH- to decrease the volume, the numbers to select the channel and ZOOM to change to the selected channel.