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Xiaomi downloaded files disappear or randomly deleted when moved

I noted a strange issue on my Xiaomi Redmi 9 with Android 11 (i don’t know if the problem is also on Android 10). So, the problem is: when i download a file, if i move it from Download folder to another folder in the internal storage using a file manager different from the Xiaomi one, the file is missing some hours later.

To replicate the issue:

  1. Dowload a file from Google Drive
  2. Create the folder TEST on internal storage
  3. Open Fx File Explorer, open Download folder in the internal storage select and CUT the downloaded file, paste it in the folder TEST in the internal storage
  4. After a day, if you open the folder TEST, the file is missing

[NOTE: for testing the removal, if you don’t want to wait a day, follow these steps: open the Xiaomi Download app, go to downloaded tab, clic on the downloaded file (the file was not found because we moved it), clic on Delete, after that the file will be deleted from TEST folder not from the Download folder where is not]

The workarounds are:

  • Move downloaded files to a folder on the SD card instead of a folder in the internal storage;
  • Use Xiaomi File Manager to move the files from Download folder;
  • Instead of cutting downloaded files copy downloaded files in a folder on the internal storage and than delete it from Download folder.

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It’s been happening to me too. I use CX explorer. Fortunately it wasn’t vital data, just some songs. I move the songs from downloads to a folder called music. After a while they are gone

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