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Finally Ati PowerPlay on linux and PowerPlay Switcher

From kernel 2.6.35, there is a support to the Ati PowerPlay Technology. Regulating the clocks of your ATI within linux (with the open source driver) is now possible. The interface is a sysfs interface, i.e. you must write some string in some files to change settings on the fly.
It’s described in the Archlinux wiki, at this page:
A graphical interface should be useful. I developed a small perl script using gtk-perl to change powerplay settings. I named it PowerPlaySwitcher. It’s a very simple utility. You can download it at these urls:

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Dynpm varies clocks automatically, but at this moment the driver with every change makes the monitor flash. Instead with the profiles the clocks are at fixed steps. Low takes the clocks at the minimum (the fan is very silent), high takes the clocks at the maximum and the fan is always on, Mid is a middle step. The clocks are the memory and the gpu clock. For desktop, office, 2d activities i always use the low profile. There are some problems with youtube videos that look fluent with the mid profile. For 3d intensive application use High.

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