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Using Empathy with MSN Telepathy Butterfly behind a proxy

According to the Empathy FAQs, the MSN telepathy butterfly component should correctly use a proxy if python-libproxy is correctly installed.
I’m using linux mint debian edition latest with:
telepathy-buttefly 0.5.15
python-libproxy 0.3.1
but for me empathy does not work behind a proxy.
I’m trying to resolve this issue, but i found a workaround, edit as root the file:
modify the _parameter_defaults as follow:

    _parameter_defaults = {
‘server’ : u’’,
‘port’ : 1863,
‘http-method’ : True,
‘http-proxy-server’: ‘proxy-host’,
‘http-proxy-port’: ‘3128’,
‘https-proxy-server’: ‘proxy-host’,
‘https-proxy-port’: ‘3128’,

replace proxy-host with the address of your proxy and 3128 with the port of your proxy

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