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MCFTec Receiver DVB-T USB Stick Drivers

mcftec_1 mcftec_2I found the drivers for this usb stick. The device has the same hardware of the WideView WT-200U or WT220U distribuited by various vendors (Freecom, Yakumo, Hama, Typhoon, Yuan)
Using the drivers from Freecom the MCFTec USB Stick works. I tested it on Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. [<<<<<<< this worked for me on Windows Vista 32bit and on Windows 7 64bit]
Other drivers from Freecom:
[2019-10-08 UPDATE: files are not available anymore at these links, use this below on dropbox]
I uploaded on dropbox an archive with all those drivers, the driver for the MCFTec on the photo is 25451-rev3-XP32-Vista3264:
After installing the drivers you can use any software to watch the tv. I tested the MCFTec with SichboPVR and MediaPortal v1.
You can also search the channels with SmartDVB and you can view the channels with VLC using this .m3u playlist for example [i found program=3401 from SmartDVB (Channel properties, PID as <DEC>)]:

Remote Control

The remote control act as a keyboard. This is the key map:

  • Power: F12
  • MUTE: F8
  • VOL+: F10
  • VOL-: F9
  • CH+: plus sign
  • CH-: minus sign
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0: the same
  • ZOOM: Enter
  • JUMP: ¶

Remote control on MediaPortal

On MediaPortal you can change default keyboard shortcuts to map the keys on the remote control:

  1. MediaPortal Configuration > Remotes and Input Devices > HID: uncheck all checkboxes
  2. MediaPortal Configuration > General > Keys and Sounds
    1. Global Actions: Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute
    2. Windows > Fullscreen TVs: Next tv channel, Previous tv channel

Remote control on SichboPVR

On SichboPVR you cannot change the keyboard shortcuts, the default shortcuts are (visible using F1):

  • + increase volume
  • -: decrease volume
  • Numbers: insert channel number
  • Enter: change channel after inserting channel number

So you can use CH+ to increase the volume, CH- to decrease the volume, the numbers to select the channel and ZOOM to change to the selected channel.

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Devo ringraziarti per i driver disponibili ed, oramai, introvabili. Ho una penna usb empire (14aa:022b) e su windows 10 si è messa a funzionare. Grazie 🙂

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