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Reset/Restore Glam'our START boot hangs

I found an android phone of the Glam’our brand, the START model hanging on boot with the Glam’our logo unable to boot. The phone was rooted and with link2sd plus installed and with most of the applications linked to sd.
I tryed resetting it to factory defaults. I found no documentation about that. I supposed that it can be done in recovery mode, but how? Going to recovery mode it’s possible, but the steps are not so clear. At the end i realized it. Well, i did this way: i turned off the phone (removing the battery) and i turned it on pressing at the same time the buttons: VOL- and POWER until it shows up this menù in CHINESE!Glam Our Start Recovery
To reset the phone we need to select (with VOL-) the item containing “e MMC” after some chinese characters. Then i confirmed the choice with POWER and when the text changed to “data e MMC”, or something similar, i confirmed again with the POWER button. After a while the phone will reset and reboot.
At this point the phone will turn on correctly to the lock screen. After unlocking it and selecting the default SIM behaviour, the phone shows me this notification: “App permission management is closed” [from the application] and then I see as home screen a black screen (all black without icons). And NOW!!!
The home screen manager application (the launcher) doesn’t start up correctly. To solve this problem we can install a launcher from Play Store, for example i installed Nova Launcher. To install it we need to open the Play Store app, but how without home screen working?…. following these steps:

  1. From notification bar we can open Settings,
  2. Go to the application manager,
  3. Find and select Play Store,
  4. In the application details choose “Start Application”,
  5. After opening Play Store let’s install “Nova Launcher”.

At this point the phone is usable. Nova Laucher it’s good, better then the original launcher. Or you can use another launcher like, for example, Apex Launcher and Go Launcher.
These are the phone details:

Android 4.2.2
Kernel 3.4.5

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