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Samsung Grand 2 G7102 updating to android 4.4.2 and replacing touch emergency calls only

Hello, yesterday i replaced the touch screen to my Galaxy Grand 2. It has android version 4.3 and after replacing the touch screen all was working.
So, after replacing touch screen i decided to update android to version 4.4.2. After updating the phone didn’t boot anymore. It hangs on boot with the blue text on top of the display “RECOVERY BOOTING…..”.
The problem was the touch screen. Detaching the touch screen the phone boots correctly to android 4.4.2. (this touch screen had no duos logo, another touch screen with the duos logo works perfectly)
Now another problem, with android 4.4.2 insering the sim card the phone says: Emergency calls only. This is a problem with modem.bin image. It has to be updated with odin 3.07 using the PHONE button. You have to download the modem.bin for android 4.4. You can find it on the internet, for example from here:
After updating the modem.bin with odin 3.07 the network works correctly.
(Use odin 3.07 because newer versions have no PHONE button)

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