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Play Store 403 Error on Android T9 TV Box

If you cannot install any app with Play Store on T9 TV Box, follow these steps:

  1. Download from internet FX File Explorer apk and install it [I downloaded the version:]
  2. Download from internet latest Google Play Services.apk and install it [I downloaded the version: 21.02.14 (110400-352619232)]
  3. Download from internet latest Google Play.apk (do not install, you will get an app not installed error) [I downloaded the version: 24.0.32-21 [0] [PR] 356387442]
  4. Open Fx Explorer – Settings – Developer/Root (Confirm)
  5. On Fx Explorer open System (root) and mount it in READ/WRITE (padlock icon) (Confirm when required)
  6. Delete old Google Play apk (it’s in a folder named Phonesky), delete the folder Phonesky in /system/priv-app
  7. Create PlayStore (or name it as you want) directory in /system/priv-app
  8. Rename Latest-Google-Play-Store-too-long-name.apk to a shorter name (if you want)
  9. Copy latest Google Play.apk in /system/priv-app/PlayStore folder
  10. Reboot the tv box

I downloaded the apks from these links:

Alternative Launcher

This TV Box does not support system wallpapers, so the most of alternative launchers crashes on startup because try to retrieve system wallpaper (that doesn’t exist).

One of the alternative launchers that works is Square Home Launcher.

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